Minimalism: First Things First

Minimalism is about living a meaningful life. There’s more to it than just getting rid of your stuff. Following the advice of The Minimalists I am beginning this journey into minimalism by defining my life mission, and creating a list of intentions.

My Life Mission:

As a long practicing yogi, my life mission is to nurture and deepen my inner life through meditation, non-attachment and ego transcendence.

My list of intentions or “must do’s”

I must meditate twice daily.

I must nurture my passion for the Divine search daily. There’s no standing still in life. You are either moving forward towards your goals, or falling behind. We must always strive for improvement.

I must exercise 20 minutes a day. A healthy body is helpful in practicing deep meditation, and in supporting a happy and fulfilling life.

I must maintain a healthy and sustainable diet. Food should be viewed as a source of energy and nutrition, and not merely a source of enjoyment.

I must work on deepening my relationship with my spouse every day. Harmonious relationships support the expansion of consciousness beyond the little egoic self, which is the goal of meditation.

I must spend time working on my budget and finances daily. Stress over poorly handled finances is not conducive to the calm expansion of deep meditation.

I must serve others daily without the desire for reward. Service to others leads to an expanded awareness of our oneness with all that is. Plus it feels really good!

Now I’m ready to start getting rid of my stuff. One room at a time I will go through all of my things and ask the following questions: How does this support my life mission and associated intentions? Does this item add value to my life? Have I used it in the last 90 days? Will I use it in the next 90 days?

Based on these questions I will let go of the things that clutter up my life.




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